What is extremely important and demanding

What is extremely important and demanding a clear emphasize – all of these studies involved only chemical preparations, not antioxidants from food, with a healthy and balanced diet. Doctors recommend therefore currently diet rich in vegetables, fruits and fish, whole grain, and instead of animal fats – vegetable, mostly canola oil and olive oil, which will provide us with sufficient amounts of all vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants that will do away with the free radicals without the need to support an additional dietary supplements.

Parabens is a controversial topic in which fascinates me and constantly amazes process of creating and spreading myths. Millions of women around the world are looking cosmetics “paraben-free” when in fact not harmful parabens are tested and safe, and the persecution of not frequently replaced by other, sometimes less safe preservatives, eg. Thiomersal or formaldehyde and its derivatives.

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