They care about the quality of the skin

They care about the quality of the skin
Aesthetic Medicine is shining triumphs, of course, also overseas, but an American willing to use her other achievements. Instead popular in our country fillers that used in excess changing features and make your face look like a perpetually swollen, decide on treatments that will improve the quality of the skin itself. The most popular among them are the procedures involving fractional lasers, which American women give up even once a month. How do they work? The laser light “punch” the skin thousands of microchannels. Then her healthy, undamaged portions begin the process of repair and reconstruction. Effect? Better tense, firmer, smoother and thicker skin. In other words – younger.
8. They have always perfect hair
Long, thick, shiny – simply a dream. How do they do it? Instead wash your hair every day at home, and then subjected to tortures them home styling, once every few days are going to do this to a salon. Firstly, because the carefully combed hair on the brush, longer keep their shape, volume glow and freshness (which can still after a few days exacerbate dry shampoo)

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